Our Team

Albert Carter

drawing of Albert Carter

Comic Science founder, and coordinator, Albert coordinates administrative tasks, outreach, and strategic vision for the group. Outside of activism, you can find him writing code (Python and Clojure), running, bicycling, and playing in the park in Berlin, Germany, and Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Pieter Vandromme

drawing of Pieter Vandromme

Joined Comic Science during the Summer of 2019. Pieter is helping on different projects, on science communication and helps the team to grow. Originally a marine ecology researcher, Pieter is now working as a data scientist.

Kirstie Adamson

drawing of Kirstie Adamson

Kirstie has produced all manner of visual communication for the group. She is particularly interested in bringing order to chaos by communicating complex information in the most accessible way. And luckily for her, that’s what Comic Science is all about!

Martin Fahy

drawing of Martin Fahy

Martin helps with administration of the group and does some writing and proofreading on projects. He has a background in conservation and wildlife rehabilitation.

Claire Chéry

drawing of Claire Chéry

Joined Comic Science early 2020. Claire can produce all kinds of visual design and is happy to deal with layout and typefaces as well. Outside of her ecological commitments and activities, she runs, more or less intensively depending on the weather.

Our projects