The things to come

During the Rebellion Wave October 2019, the Comic Science group prepared several pages of content about the environmental crisis and its eventual results. You can see the results below (click on each item to read more:)

This was a very content-heavy action. Producing, fact-checking, proofreading, content-layout, and printing flyers involved roughly 12 people over two months. However, now that the content is created, it continues to be translated into other languages (3 complete. 4 in progress!) and adapted for different locations and mediums.

Comic Science continues to use content from this action for our other actions, including postcards, flyers, and social media postings. Fact-checks were done with the help of many individuals and groups, but especially with help from Scientists4Future.

This campaign served two purposes:

  1. Produce scientifically sound base-content for regional XR chapters and working groups (including Comic Science) to use
  2. Help XR members understand the severity of the crisis

How to Get Involved

This is a collaborative project! We need your help to make the texts available to your region!

We are looking for

Please contact @gema or the XR Comic Science Channel via MatterMost if you would like to help!

Project resources