Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive requests for projects. While we usually like the project ideas, we are small, and you (the greater environmental community) are many!

Our creative projects tend to take weeks to months to produce. This means that it’s difficult for us to jump into new projects.

Here are some frequently asked questions and general guidelines working with the Comic Science group.

Can we use your materials!

Yes! You can find our source files (including .png, psd, .idd, and .ai files) at the bottom of each project.

Can we modify your materials?

Yes, unless otherwise stated on the project page. If you made a significant change, please contact us on MatterMost, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit, so that we can add your contributions to the webpage.

I found a mistake. What can I do?

For spelling/structural/grammatical errors, reach out to us on MatterMost, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit.

For scientific errors/omissions, please reach out to us on MatterMost (requires invitation).

My group did a cool project. Can you put it on the webpage?

It depends on the project, really. You ask us on MatterMost, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit, to ask. We also accept pull requests on Github.

After getting approval, you’ll need to produce the following documents:

Can I join Comic Science?

Yes! You’ll need to attend an Extinction Rebellion onboarding and then join a Comic Science meeting.

Extinction Rebellion onboardings are often announced on facebook, meetup, and your country’s Extinction Rebellion webpage. Our meetings are held in Berlin, Germany, and announced on our German MatterMost channel, and on our calendar.

Are materials available in my language?

Possibly. At the bottom of each project page, you can find a list of languages the materials are translated into. We really love it when people translate our materials. If you do, please send them back, so that we can put them online!

Can I or my group collaborate with you?

It is very hard for us to pick up new ideas on short notice.

The Comic Science team is small and tight knit. Our projects often take months to produce, and involve identifying our target audience, the where to reach them, the project itself, and how to distribute it. And of course, multiple people in the group have to be excited about it.

This leaves several options:

  1. Check out our existing projects. They’re meant to be reproduced and modified, so feel free to do that!
  2. Tell us about the problem you’re trying to solve. We may be able to incorporate a solution into one of our ongoing projects.
  3. Contact the Graphic Requests MatterMost channel. (MatterMost invitation required; German preferred but not required) Unlike us, they are fast. They can do layout for banners, flyers, and simple design work.
  4. Join a Comic Science Meeting and start a project. If you are willing to be the project owner, and can get other people excited about it, it may fit into Comic Science’s framework.
  5. Start a new Comic Science group. You’ve probably never done this before, but hey - neither have we. 😛

How can I get in touch?

You can contact us on the Global MatterMost channel, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit. Our meetings are held in Berlin, Germany, and announced on our German MatterMost channel, and on our calendar.

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