Climate Crisis Flyyer

During the Rebellion Wave October 2019, the Comic Science printed these flyers for distribution to politicians and passer-bys at the street blockades. Event texts are adapted from the short texts in our “Things To Come” project. Tipping point text is adapted from the “Why Rebel” project.

The front featured tipping a discussion of tipping elements

The back featured some of the worst local consequences of climate change, XR Demands, and a call to action.

One of our illustrators made a comic of the tipping point concept:

Funding & Reimbursement

Future Improvements

If we were to do this project again, there are a few changes we would make:

Project Resources

Do you need flyers in your own language? Flyers need three things:

  1. Prepared texts
  2. Prepared designs
  3. Printing

We have texts prepared in English, German, Spanish, and Catalonian. These do not contain region-specific information like this. If you need regions specific information on your flyers, we’ll need your help writing it.

For languages in which we have prepared texts, please let us know what 8 texts you would like featured on the flyer back, and we can put that together.

If you can, we’d love for people to lay out and design flyers based off of this one. In the linked download, you’ll find source files and icons in Adobe CS format. Please send your work back to us. We’d love to upload it to the website!


You can download the material here if you want to re-print or adapt the flyer: